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My Favourite Teachers 
Lecturer Dr.Norm Eizenberg
This 'Guru of Anatomy" is the funniest lecturer I have ever met. He has an unmatchable ready-wit which is a delight to us when he is in full cry.although,we understand only five percent of the stuff he presents in the lectures he is still enjoyable. Very helpful and simple.

Lecturer Dr.Craig Adams

A 'multi-media' Anatomy lecturer.very smart.disturbing the nights of many 1st year girls. very genuine and outspoken. A cool lecturer.

Professor Doris Young

Has the ability to make the audience spell bound when she's lecturing. has lot of humour. Very much concerned about the medical students' communication skills. A really nice lecturer.

BSc 1st year-1997

Tutor David Foster

My Biology tutor and a great mentor who was of great strength to me in my fighting 1st year at BSc . Ever- helpful,enthusiastic and encouraging, David is really a GREAT PERSON. I owe him a lot.Thank u very much David !

Srilankan A/L 1993-95

Chemistry Teacher Ms.Shanthini Vellupilliah 

My chemistry Guru,who knows everything in chemistry.Very affectionate and caring but a strict disciplinarian she took an extra ordinary interest in my studies.Always ready to help,she was instrumental in my good A/L performance.Spent many hours of her spare time to help us prepare for the exams.I can't never forget your help teacher.

Physics Teacher Mr.Sountharanayagam

Popularly known as 'Sounthy' to many thousands of A/L students, he is in my opinion, the best physics teacher within the tamil community. Very talented and possessing indepth knowledge in physics,he knows the magic way to teach physics, which is considered one of the hardest subjects to teach in any country.Inspired us to think inqusitively about the principles behind the problems rather than muddling with the numbers.Very fond of me. I was very much previledged to be a student of this great teacher.

Zoology Teacher Naganathan 

A for apple. Zoology for Naganathan. He is that much popular among Tamil students.Very friendly and helpful, he has the talent to teach the stuff understandable by students at all levels. He gave me lot of support and advice.  He knows the pulse of the teenagers. I moved with him very closely  even after finishing the A/L studies. A great Teacher.

Botany Teacher Mrs.Velmurugan 

My Periyamma.Very fond of me. A great teacher.Always concerned about my academic performance  and other extra curricular activities.I didn't dissapoint her by getting very good marks in Botany.