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Academic Excellence

1999Awarded Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria  Scholarship worth 1020 $ to work
            as a student researcher at the Department of Surgery, Royal Melbourne Hospital
            for a period of 6 weeks.

1998 - Awarded the 500 $  Dr.McDavies Memorial Scholarship for academic
           excellence in 1997.
          -Enrolled Medicine  at University of Melbourne, Melbourne.

             1st Year Medicine
               Health &Illness in Society          80 - H1
               Medical Physics                          80 - H1
               Anatomy                                      81 - HI
               Medical Biology                         76 - H2A
               Physiology                                   75 -H2A
               Medical Chemistry                     Exempted

          -Offered Medicine -University of Tasmania, Tasmania.
          -Offered Law -Monash University, Melbourne.

1997 - Placed 1st in the whole Bsc course(UniMelb-1st year)by Obtaining an average
           aggregate of 96.25% for the whole course.
          -obtained 1st class honours in all my subjects (thanks to God) in my 1st year BSC.

            1st semester
                Biology I           95 -H1
                Chemistry         95 -H1
                Mathematics I 100 -H1 Placed 1st in the whole course
             2nd Semester
                 Biology II         99 -H1 Placed 1st in the whole course
                 chemistry         98 -H1
                 Mathematics    99 -H1
            1st&2nd Semester
                 Psychology        88- H1

          -Awarded 250$ scholarship by University.

1996  -Enrolled Medicine -Sri Jeyawardanapura University,Colombo, Srilanka.
          -Obtained 593 marks and 5 out of 5 for Test of English writing(TWE) in TOEFL.
         -Obtained 7.5/9.0 for IELTS

1995 -Obtained 2A,2B in Srilankan A/L -Placed 108th rank in Colombo district. 210th rank
           in the whole country for  Bio stream.
         -Obtained marks enough to study medicine at Srilanks's Premier University,
          The Colombo University

1994 -Obtained 2A,1B and C in Srilankan A/L -placed 208th in Colombo district
          and 438th rank  in the whole country.
         -Obtained marks enough to study Medicine at Sri Jeyawardenapura University,
          Colombo, Srilanka

1993 -1000/=( Srilankan rupees) Scholarship for academic excellence in in A/L studies
          awarded by my school, Colombo Hindu College

1992 -Obtained College best results of 7D and 1C in O/L examinations.
         -1000/=( SL rupees) Scholarship awarded for obtaining best results in
          O/L examinations.

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