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Series Name  Semester 
Teams  Students Vs Lecturers 
Opening batsmen  Students who study from the start of the semester 
Middle order batsmen  Students who study occasionally 
Tailenders  Students who never study till near the exams 
Pinch hitters  Students who pass the exam with only one night's study 
Fast bowlers  Lecturers who ask questions for which either u know the whole answer or u don't know them at all. 
Spin bowlers  Lecturers who ask questions for which u have no clues until u starts to write. 
Part time bowlers  Lecturers who ask questions which are normally easy to answer but at times they can be tricky and cost u r exams. 
Play time  9am - 1pm. 
Practice session  10pm - 1am ( the night b4 the play ) 

Most of the university students play only 'one day matches.Only very few play 'test matches'. There are students who study all the semester subjects the night before the exam without sleep and end up in taking  rest  on  the  match day  in 'dressing room' without playing.

There  are students  who  have  been  'absent'  in  the 1st  and  2 nd  matches. They  need  atleast  60 runs to keep their place in the team  for  the  remaining  matches. So, they some time bat  brutlessly  hitting sixes  and  fours  and  keep  their place  in  the team  or  may  be  bowled  or caught within an over  and lose  their  place  in  the  team. There  is  another  group  of  students who study averagely.

They  play  every  over  scoring  one or  two runs  and  may  even  take away  the  'man of the match'  award to others surprise. Only very few students will be in good form all the time . They with their talents and taking the seniors experience as a guide play very well in all the matches and receive 'man of the series'award too.(similar to Sachin Tendulkar)

Sample Career Record
Age  Total Papers  Passed in Last Attempt  Average  Highest Score  # Times Repeated Subjects
23  80  22  34  35 
Best results: 7 for 7 (  In 1st semester  of  the  degree  - every thing  gone  now)