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 Hello Everybody !        
I am glad to welcome you all to my newly  built  Internet home. I  believe, having  a  
     home  in this exciting , informative and  picturesque  world-wide web environment 
     is a dream  for  many and a delight  for  people  who  own  one!  

I built this home sincerely believing that it  will be a place for information storage, 
    retrieval  and a platform for knowledge sharing and a boutique for people to visit and 
    relax while  enjoying  the  information served to you with a touch of TAMIL PRIDE. 
P lease visit my home frequently and help me to make your trip an enjoyable one. 
      Criticisms and congrats are the pillars for a successful piece of work. So, I would love 
      to hear both of them from you.                                           ; 

                                                      ;                                                                   With Love