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Both my parents are Lawyers. They are now enjoying their 23 rd year of happy married life. Both of them have put 24 years of legal practice. My father,Srikantha is still in Srilanka. He was a former  member of parliament representing  Jaffna district. He is a very good orator and a writer. He is the one who groomed my literary and debating skills along with my mother. He is  very fond of  us and really  wants me to do his profession along with medicine. Hope I will fulfill his wish although it might  take years..

                                                             My Loving Parents

My mother is everything to us.She even sacrificed her legal profession to look after us.Very nice,caring,commited and always thinking about us, she is the greatest mother! We owe everything we achieved to our mother.I really love her. 

My brother,Jeyan (jey) is the real strength to me. He is a Final year Software Engineering student at RMIT university,Melbourne.He is very much attached to the family. Very responsible, quiet,and intelligent,Jane is heading for big things. An ardent devotee of Sathya Sai Baba, he is an outspoken guy. Girls love to chat with him. keep it up my boy!.

My sister, Nive is a righteous girl with lots of affection towards her sister and brothers. Has a very cool and collected mind with lots of perseverance. A 1st year student of Monash university's BSc degree.

My youngest sister, Vetha is the darling of our family.This Intellectual, ever-helpful and charming little girl is very religious and well read. Now a full time year 12 and a part time melbourne university student, her interests outweighs the courses offered by any  Uni(!!).
This my happy family.I am very lucky to be born as a brother to jane , nive and vetha. they all love me very much. Me  too !.