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I  was very interested in cultural activities from a very young age. I  vividly remember my first stage program even  now. I think  I was 4 years at that time. The desire and delight to participate in  stage programs was probably precipitated from my parents' continued interest in that field. I did acting, radio broadcasting and writing stories.
With the grace of god , I won many prizes in speech contests and debates. I enjoyed announcing in my college programs.

My brother too is a very good artist. he has multiple talents such as writing poems and acting . He gave me lot of support in my cultural activities. We together produced a lot of programs. Our historical dramas were a huge success at college days.

Here  I  have listed some of the activities  I did  just to look back and refresh those happy memories.

 LATEST !!                               LISTEN LIVE !!!
           On 1998 Dec 25th  we produced a one hour radio programme on behalf of Colombo Hindu College Old boys (Australia) for fund raising to our tamil people who have been on the brink of death in Srilanka following the massive exodus from their Tamil homeland and left with no supply of food and medicine by the inhuman and imperial Srilankan government.

             Our programme was broadcasted all over Australia and was hailed by the Tamil community as one of the best Tamil programmes  broadcasted  in the recent past in  sincerely depicting the sufferings of our  tamil people.

    TO LISTEN  TO THE RADIO PROGRM .....       Part 1   Part2

         Download real audio

1989- 1993   Participant    -   Srilankan  National Radio's  weekly Tamil children programme
                                                       'Siruvar   Malar'.

1991-1992   Announcer   -    Weekly Tamil program on National Television channel- 'Rupavahini'.

1990-1994  Announcer   -    Most of the College functions including College cultural
                                                         nights,musical  programs and   Kalai Vizhas.

1991-1995  Actor &          -   'SANAKKIYAN SABATHAM' , 'PARANTHAKAN KANAVU' ,
                        Co- director     BANDARAVANNIYAN' and 'SUTHANTHIRA THAGAM'- historical
                                                        dramas staged  every year at our college Kalai Vizhas.

1993-1994   Captain        -    College Tamil debating team and became champions in  2 district
                                                     Debating championships.

1991-1995  Organiser     - College cultural nights, Kalai Vilzhas, Inter-School debates and literary

Here is the list of Awards and Prizes I have won in my College days ...

1994 -      1st place     Inter-college English speech competition organised by the
                                  College Commonwealth union

                1st place     Inter-college Tamil speech contest organised by the Tamil

                3rd place    Colombo district Tamil essay competition

1993 -      1st place     Colombo district debating championship organised by the Isipathana
                                  college Tamil literary union

               2nd place    Inter-province tamil essay competition for National heros day

               1st place      Colombo district debating championship organised by the St.Peters
                                   college Tamil union.

               1st place       Tamil speech contest for college Muthamil vilzha.

               1st place       Tamil speech contest organised by the college science union.

1992 -     2nd place     Western province Tamil speech competition organised by the Department of

              1st place       District Tamil speech competition by Srilankan Vivekanada society.

              1st place       College  English speech contest organised by the  English union.

1991 -    3rd place        Essay competition organised for college's 40th annivesary  celebrations

              1st place        Tamil speech competition organised for college's 40th annivesary

              1st place        Colombo district speech contest conducted by the education department

1990 -     1st place        Inter-college Tamil speech contest organised by the Tamil literary union.

               1st place       Colombo district speech contest organised by the Srilankan Vivekananda

               1 st place       Inter-college  speech contest organised by the college Tamil union